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Apart from the trending digital marketing techniques such as SEO, SMM or PPC, Forex brokers also rely on the e-mail marketing strategy that plays a crucial role in the promotion of the forex business to attract traders. With the ever-rising trends in market competition, forex brokers need to opt for the methods that are effective but often ignore. E-mail marketing is one of such method that holds a substantial control over the campaigns for digital marketing while bringing down the acquisition cost for your brokerage in a significant manner.

At PheasanTech, our digital marketing experts prepare the best email marketing strategies to ensure that e-mail campaigns generate better leads with huge ROI for your Forex business along with the well-maintained customer loyalty. Invest in a cost-effective e-mail marketing strategy for your forex business and generate better traffic for your Forex business website.

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Why Forex E-mail Marketing

Cost Effective


Cost Effective

Email marketing comes at a lower price range compared to the other marketing channels as well as the traditional ones for direct marketing. Even after you invest on a full-scale e-mail campaign that involves management, distribution, and tracking of your e-mail marketing, you save a lot of investment as compared to your investment in magazine or billboard exposure and similar marketing channels.


Highly Targeted

With PheasanTech, you can be assured that your e-mail marketing technique is directed towards a specific client segment without disturbing the integrity of relationship established with other clientele. We make sure that your customers who have opted to receive your email notifications receive the emails as per their individual interests which tends to increase the chances for more conversions for your Forex business.

Highly Targeted

Audience Segmentation


Audience Segmentation

Your e-mail marketing campaign for your Forex business can easily be segmented with the help of experts at PheasanTech. With a segmented targeting of your audience, you can initiate your desired action with better chances of turning prospects into leads. You can send customized e-mail campaigns for different segments of audience according to their needs and requirements for the service you provide.


Easy To Track

Email marketing with PheasanTech comes with easy tracking for your marketing campaign. This allows your campaign to be evaluated properly to determine the campaign success via statistics like number of emails delivered and bounced, emails opened, which users clicked on a specific link you’ve included in your e-mail content, etc.

Easy To Modify Anytime


Easy To Modify Anytime!

Traditional marketing with flyers and banners can lead to a great loss of investment for your forex business when sometimes the data printed on paper is wrong. Things like phone number, services or name can be wrongly printed in banners or pamphlets and there’s no chance for correction when it’s already printed. You need to develop an entirely new batch of corrected information. However, with email marketing, you can easily modify the content without having to invest in any additional cost. You can also modify the campaign settings by modifying or removing a few things which are not working for your e-mail marketing campaign.


Our Distinct Services

Metrics Tracking

PheasanTech employs the use of proper metrics for tracking the campaigns to check for the improvement and cumulate the future campaigns to generate better results. You can access individual aspects of proper campaign stats and understand what is actually working for your e-mail campaign and what doesn’t.

Mobile Optimization

At PheasanTech, we understand every e-mail should be optimized as per various device sizes. Any marketing campaign that isn’t developed to work flawlessly over the mobile platform can significantly bring down the conversion rate for the campaign. We ensure that your email can be easily opened and view on all the mobile devices.

Compelling Email Content

With PheasanTech as your associate for email marketing, you get compelling content for your audience to ensure that they understand your sales pitch. We make sure that your audience tempted to read the email rather than being forced to do so. We use catchy headlines and customized e-mails as per the audience segmentation for better ROI.

Easy To Use Tools

PheasanTech provides various tools for Forex email marketing campaigns which are very easy to use with your email campaigns and which can continuously improve your sales performance. Contact us now to reach out to your target audience and boost your sales now!


PheasanTech provides the best kind of prompt and personalized services that comes with an easy to use the platform. Our team is always ready to help you with the queries and issues that emerge during your email marketing campaigns. We ensure that a proper connection is always established between our team and you.

Plugins and API integration

PheasanTech always aims for emails that are integrated with the latest plugins & APIs to ensure better e-mail delivery with different platforms to increase the readability and interest quotient for the targeted audience.


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  • I am very happy with the work done by PheasanTech. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. The finished product was exceptional, very professional and just what I wanted. It was really easy to share my views and feedback throughout the process. All the banners, design, even the content was great. At last, I got a dependable and capable partner for my web needs.

    Seven Star FX
  • Great work, they help me with the St. Vincent forex broker license process step by step, with continuous follow up & support from start to end process. I would really recommend them because they deliver on time in fact somewhat earlier than the time line given.