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PheasanTech offers you a complete package for setting up one of the most respected EU investment licenses in the industry aka Bulgarian Investment Intermediary license. We will give you the complete step by step guidance that ensures a high level of safety, trust and confidence during Bulgaria Forex Company Formation. Our package includes all mandatory requirements that are essential for a successful registration with Bulgarian FSC governing body along with accurate compliance needed by the authorities.

Bulgaria was just a member of EU unless the same suit was followed by Romania in 2007. This helped Bulgaria become a full member of EU which is controlled and regulated by Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). FSC is responsible for awarding the FSC Broker License and the regulator to carry out FX based services. The licensed organizations are bound to follow rules and regulation set by them from time to time.

Apart from the EU Regulators, Bulgaria has some other advantages which create attraction for many Forex brokerages and makes it a popular choice. Bulgaria has one of the cheapest tax regimes in European Union, with a flat tax rate of 10%, similar to Estonia and Cyprus with a similar tax rate system. While in addition, the wage system in Bulgaria is comparatively lower than other EU countries that gain a competitive edge while setting up a brokerage house system in other European countries.

The activities, governed and regulated by Bulgaria investment intermediaries, are exercised by the FSC, regulated by the markets in Financial Instrument Act introduced by MIFID Directives (2006/43/EC) and the EU parliament Council. To start with the legislation procedure, the investment intermediaries have to meet certain requirements before starting with the actual process.

Registration of a joint stock company or LLC (Limited Liability Company) should have an address in Bulgaria. The Grant of license in Bulgarian FSC doesn’t require to conduct any other commercial or professional activity.

Deposit Required Amount (in $)
Minimum Initial Deposit BGN 1,00,000
Share CapitalBGN 2,50,000

The Foreign Investment Intermediaries, having their seat in a Member State, have obtained the Bulgaria Forex Broker License performing activities, which are commenced by the Bulgarian Financial Service Commission (FSC). But only after the FSC has obtained the necessary information from the competent authorities.

The Course of undertaking Bulgarian investment intermediaries’ activities should comply with the legislation and should be published in their home language (Bulgarian Language) that provides the information and document to FSC.

There are basically two types of Forex license and two types of industries that can apply: Ordinary Ltd and JSC.

License types are:

  • 1. Standard license – requires BGN 250,000 initial capital (Approx. EUR 128,000) – Broker can hold clients’ money but cannot trade on his own account;
  • 2. Full license – requires BGN 1.5 million (Approx. EUR 767,000) – broker can trade on his own account (Market Maker)
  • Bulgaria has a strategic location that opens big business opportunity gates for investors and gives access of entire EU and the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has a stable and predictable economy with the lowest corporate tax in the EU at only 10%.
  • Different tax rate systems in Bulgaria are:
    • Corporate and Individual Tax System: 10%
    • Dividend Tax: 5%
    • VAT: 20%
  • Average salary of Bulgaria is comparatively low in the whole European Union (EU). Thus, the simplicity of tax system combined with low labour costs makes it the most suitable for business.
Bulgaria Forex Broker License Procedure


Our Process for Forex Company Formation

Bulgaria Forex Broker License Procedure
  • Gather and prepare all the documents including due diligence reports
  • Preparing initial corporate documents, statutory declarations by the Director/Shareholder to the FSC, Bulgaria.
  • Conducting anti-money laundering procedures and custom modified business plan
  • Submit the reports and all other relevant documents of FSC, Bulgaria in order to start with the registration process.
  • Preparation and submission of all the bank forms, corporate documents and due diligence documents to open an account in local bank. The Director/Shareholder may require a visit to the bank.
  • Ad-hoc support and minor documents are required during the process
  • We will assist you in transferring funds at the local bank
  • Receipt of license from the FSC, Bulgaria and documents delivery to the client

Other Allied Services (Optional)

Our optional services include assistance with:


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