Forex Broker Turnkey Solutions: All You Need Under One Roof

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Forex Broker Turnkey Solutions

Forex brokers of the new age have to offer ingenious products and solutions that are completely ready for occupancy in order to beat their opponents in this tremendously competitive market. With that comes the newest idea of a  Forex Turnkey Solution for those brokers who are willing to try retail forex brokerage but do not want to spend the necessary time and resources to develop the solutions on their own. Here, the solution providers will design your platform, website, CRM, provide dedicated servers for your data, and allow you to get up and running as quickly as possible. While this may seem tempting at first glance, you must consider all the factors before making a decision.

Let us first discover the features of a Forex Turnkey Solution:

Customized Software's:

The Forex Turnkey Solution provider should design the product to fit your specific requirements. Be it your CRM, trading platform, or any other software, everything has to be designed and developed exclusively for the forex trading business you want to be in. Sometimes there are also ready-made products available that are precisely designed for a brokerage firm. This will save you time, and you won’t have to get it customized.

Logo and Website Design:

As a logo and a website play a vital role in creating first impression of a brokerage firm, the solution provider you decide to go with should create a dynamic logo and website that your traders can easily identify and remember. Also, it should visualize a perfect brand identity and create a long lasting impression. The website of a broker should communicate the services he offers, showcase experience and expertise, and should be able to connect with the potential traders. A well designed website will convey your business and brand value perfectly.

Digital Marketing:

A Forex Turnkey solution provider should be able to provide Digital Marketing services including SEO, SMM and PPC. The broker can leverage the technology and boost their sales by using a Digital Marketing wisely. The solution provider you choose should help you define your objectives, create a strategy to achieve those objectives, implement proper plan and finally analyse if the strategy you have planned is effective or not. Digital marketing should include social media posts, blogs, paid marketing etc.

Dedicated Servers:

The solution providers usually have dedicated servers specifically formatted for the forex brokerage firm data. So if you find such a provider, you do not need any additional work done from your side. You do not even need to be a technology or server maintenance expert.

Possibility for expansion:

Once you go ahead with a particular provider and choose their products, make sure these are flexible enough and there is scope for upgrading. This way, in the future, when you grow as a broker, you do not need to spend on any additional technology resources. Just by paying some extra money per month, you will get the upgrade.
A complete forex turnkey solution would bring many benefits to your brokerage business, like:

  • The provider will create all the products from scratch, keeping your specific requirements in mind. So you get a completely customized solution.

  • You save time by not creating everything on your own.

  • Because of their dedicated servers, you can start your trading business on the go.

  • Everything has been done for you; you just need to approach your potential clients and get them onboard to start the trading.

We would also like to highlight all the products and services you get when you choose PheasanTech as your solution provider:

  1. Company Formation along with a Forex License

  2. Logo and website design

  3. Trading Platform

  4. CRM and Client Cabinet, along with the IB Module

  5. Digital Marketing includes SEO, SMM, and PPC.

  6. Liquidity providers

  7. Payment Solutions

With our full-fledged Forex brokerage solutions, you can become a master of the Forex trading industry, as our products are developed keeping in mind the enhanced forex trading technology in this digital era.

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