Let Us Brief You


PheasanTech is the official web name of Pheasant Limited, which is registered in and regulated under Hong Kong Government (Ordinance No. 310/ AOA) and HK Govt. Laws. It legally binds to provide Forex Turnkey Solutions with a certain quality, as prescribed by the HK Authorities, under Reg. No: HK/65795127/000/02/16/6.

We started with a goal to revolutionize the Forex industry by imparting the quality solutions to new-age brokers who crave to enter the game of retail FX trading with fair and direct access to OTC markets. Registered in Hong Kong (SAR) with the Headquarters in Dubai; PheasanTech infuses hybrid culture which creates a perfect combination of experience and high sense of imagination. With the deep roots in trading industry, we provide the consultation services like FX White Label, MT4 Platform, Liquidity, CRM integration, Forex plugins and carrying out several online marketing activities.




PheasanTech was started with a drive to become a leader in the Forex industry by providing superior services



To deliver high quality services each and every time which exceed the expectations of our valued customers



To deliver customised end to end solutions by pursuing business innovation and advanced technology


We Are Passionate About What We Do!

If we are to name one thing that binds all of us together, it will be technology. That is what we are passionate about.

  • Web Developers

    Experienced developers to create effortless bug-free website that never lets you down

  • Web Designers

    Design an attractive website that is user friendly and easy to navigate at the same time

  • SEO Experts

    Get your webpages ranked higher on Search Engine Page Results by our Professionals

  • Digital Marketing Experts

    Our Digital Marketing Team will create a strong social media presence of your brand

  • Market Analysts

    The best market analysts who modifies your business model according to current market trends

  • Legal Co-ordinators

    Let our officials handle your legal documents including due diligence in obtaining a broker license


This Is How Our Journey Started…

Very much in the beginning of this year, our first project was launched. But our story started back in the middle of 2015.

We were a group of individual professionals who were working as freelancers. Initially, when we were hired, we found out how much people suffer in getting their job done to the perfection, and more importantly, as they want it to be done.

We thought it was time to humanize business process. Time to treat customers as human beings, not some numbers on spreadsheets. Time to help people meet their business goals by reinventing the conventional work environment into more friendly and human way.

So after successfully completing our first big project, with complete client satisfaction (even beyond their expectations) and best possible quality that can exist, we decided to join hands together and establish our own Forex and IT Solutions providing company.

Oh, and we named it PheasanTech!


This Is How Our Journey Started…

Quality Skills

What Makes Us What We Are

All of our teams, be it Marketing Team or Designing Team or Development Team, are highly skilled with latest knowledge of current technologies. Different indicators shown here are just a quick glimpse of our skill set.

Designing 95%
Developing 96%
Market Analysis 91%
Content Writing 93%
Digital Marketing 94%