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PheasanTech offers you a complete package to set-up a system for a Labuan Forex Broker License. We will help you in each and every step of the way to ensure your business trust and high level of confidence during Labuan Forex Company Formation. Our complete package offers you all the mandatory requirements that are very much needed for a successful registration and renewal with the Labuan FSA and IBFC along with the required compliance with the regulatory authorities.

LIBFC (Labuan International Business and Financial Centre) is one of the regulatory bodies that are responsible for issuing, reviewing and regulating the FX companies licensed by these authorities. The LIBFC licenses are only issued to those financial companies which look forward to engage in Forex activity, but only if they meet certain criteria set by the regulator, including capital adequacy, proper tests and mandatory physical office in Labuan.

Money Broking license in Labuan can be obtained relatively quickly with an approximate time frame of 3 months and it weighs lesser on pockets. Documents processing and bank procedures are easy in Labuan and entitles it as a well-regulated jurisdiction.

Deposit Required Amount (in $)
Minimum Initial Deposit $ 75,000 (RM 3,00,000)
License Renewal-

A company should have a bank account in Labuan but don’t have to mandatorily maintain the minimum balance. Thus it can be increased or decreased depending upon the operational activities. The broking license issued by LFSA is quite different in many ways as it is the one and only license in Asia that authorize STP Business model and strictly abide the counterparty trade. The LFSA authorities offer the benefit like 3% tax rate or 20,000 MYR.

  • Low corporate tax profit of 3% or maximum payment of RM 20,000
  • Free of withholding tax on dividends and interest
  • Tax free Director fee
  • You can stay in Malaysia and operate business
  • All the dealings must be done through a registered office in Labuan only
  • Annual tax return must be filed with the Malaysian Director General of Inland Revenue before 31st March of the year of assessment and some extension time is allowed by Inland Revenue
  • LIBFC issues STP Business licenses only. Market making business is not authorized.
  • All transactions must be in foreign currencies except for defraying administrative and statutory expense purposes
  • Dealing with Malaysian residents other than authorized dealers as specified under section 4 of the Malaysian Exchange Control Act 1953 is strictly prohibited
  • Appointed auditor by the company must be from approved list of the LFSA auditors
Labuan Forex Broker License Procedure


Our Process for Forex Company Formation

Labuan Forex Broker License Procedure
  • Gather and prepare all the documents, including due diligence reports
  • Prepare initial corporate documents and statutory declarations by the Director/Shareholder to the LFSA
  • Preparation the AML procedures and custom tailored business plan
  • Submission of the report and all corporate documents to the LFSA to start the process of application
  • Account opening in a local Bank for satisfying minimum paid up capital requirements which include the preparation and submission of all the bank forms, corporate documents and due diligence documents. Visit of the Director/Shareholder to the Bank will be mandatory.
  • Ad-hoc support and provision of minor documents required during the process
  • To arrange a meeting with the Director/Shareholder with the LFSA
  • To assist with transfer of funds at a Local Bank in order to satisfy capital requirement for the Money Broking License
  • Receipt of license from the LFSA and delivery of documents to the client

Other Allied Services (Optional)

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