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Create a chatbot which can manage conversations with potential customers

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Chatbot for forex brokerage Development to deployment services

A forex chatbot has the capability to take your business to the next level. Pheasantech offers you complete solutions for forex chatbot development and deployment on all platforms.


Don’t ever miss conversation with your customer


Be prepared and give a prompt response


Customize chat as per sensibility of the people


Talk to people Wherever they’re comfortable


Get ahead with

Chatbot for Forex Brokers



Can be deployed on all the platforms

Talking Smart

Talking Smart

Removing the obstacle of human error



Managing multiple conversations at a time

Learn about

How To Create A perfect forex chatbot

Identify Audience

Identify Audience

Brainstorm about the chatting sensibilities of potential customers

Create Chat Flows

Create Chat Flows

Finalize what kind of response chatbot will give in what situations

Create Chatbot

Create Chatbot

Integrate the responses with the computer program for chatbot

Deploy Chatbot

Deploy Chatbot

Customize, launch and manage chatbots across multiple platforms

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