Robotic Process Automation & Development

Utilize the Robotic Process Automation in forex broking business to the fullest

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Automate your tasks with Forex Robotic Process Automation Development

RPA has the capability to automate the repetitive tasks in your forex broking business. Pheasantech will take you through the nitty-gritty of forex RPA development.


Save time & money with RPA of forex broking tasks


Reduce error margin with totally computerised process


Manage multiple tasks & multiple processes simultaneously


Get an advantage over your competitors in market

Robotic Process

Integrate automation

Kickstart the growth engine and let it run

No Intervention

No Intervention

The RPA system will manage everything itself

Cost effective

Cost effective

Once you integrate RPA, it will give amazing RoI

Full Precision

Full Precision

Perform the same task with precision, every time

Find out

How The RPA Can boost your business

Identify the tasks

Identify the tasks

Find out which tasks are repetitive and apply RPA to automate them

Create a program

Create a program

Create customized RPA program that will perform tasks automatically

Integrate program

Integrate program

Deploy the RPA in your system and integrate it with different functions

Expand business

Expand business

Once the tasks are on automation, you can focus on growing the business

Hire an RPA Developer

Do you want to create a customized Forex RPA program?

Full-time RPA Developers

Get a quote for 8 hours/ day

Part-time RPA Developers

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RPA Developers on Demand

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Our works speaks for itself and we are proud of being part of so many forex brokerage’s success stories. Checkout some of selected works in forex IT development and Digital Marketing.

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