MT4/MT5 vs Vertex. Should you make the swap?

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MT4/MT5 vs Vertex. Should you make the swap?

Being a Forex Broker or a Trader, you would have some knowledge about the various Trading Platforms like MetaTrader 4/5, Vertex, cTrader, etc. These are the most popular platforms in the Forex Brokerage Industry with their vast tools and resources.

Though MT4 and MT5 sound just different versions of the same platform, these are two different solutions offered by Metaquotes which offer different functionalities and features. MT4 or MT5 is the most used platform in the Forex & CFD trading arena. Vertex is one of its kind platform which is user-friendly, has unique features, easy in pocket, secure, and up-to-date.

So, in any case, if you are thinking of making the swap from Metaquotes to Vertex or vice versa, you should know how to choose the right one for you. Ultimately, the choice depends on your background and your trading goals, but here we will try to understand how these platforms differ on various parameters.

Onboarding Process:

As per the current situation, in the last few months, the onboarding process has become quite stringent in the case of Metaquotes. If one needs to obtain MT4 or MT5 they have to go through a tough process of arranging many documents which may not be possible for a Start-Up broker.

On the other hand, Hybrid Solutions is offering the  VertexFX Trading Platform with a little easy process of onboarding. Though they are taking all the necessary steps of verifying the client’s personal details with the proper KYC documents, along with the company documents.

Configuration Process:

When you opt for MT4 or MT5 Server License, you need to arrange the Remote Server Hosting service at an extra cost, where you need to install the MT4/5 Live, Demo & Backup Servers, you also need to arrange the Bridge or Gateway with an additional cost to infuse the price feed and pass the liquidity flow.

Unlike MT4 & MT5, Vertex Trading Platform comes as a plug & play solution. It’s a complete hosted solution where you don't need to opt for a separate Remote Server which saves time & money. You get inbuilt products like Vertex Bridge, Price Feed Server, so you don't need to deal with separate vendors.

Easy on Pocket:

If you compare the overall cost of acquisition of these platforms, the total cost including all the add-on ancillary products & services, Vertex Trading turns out to be 75% cheaper than MetaTrader. If we compare the entry level Server cost, MT5 will cost you a minimum of US$ 7500 to go live only the trading platform, whereas Vertex Trading Platform will cost you US$ 1750 per month for the entry level Admin License.

Ancillary Products:

When we talk about  Forex Brokerage & the technology associated with the same, MetaTrader is the most popular & used platform, which makes it obvious to have more supporting or ancillary services & products available in the market.

Unlike Vertex Trading Platform, it's not as popular as MetaTrader so having more supporting products in the market is difficult. Hybrid Solutions is doing their best to develop these supporting or ancillary products like Social Trading, Indicators & Expert Advisers, PAMM, Bridge, though many of the existing companies have already started integrating their different products with Vertex Trading Platform and soon we will see a vast variety of these products already integrated.

Branding Possibilities:

MetaTrader offers a generic mobile platform where a trader needs to search for his preferred forex broker, login with the credentials. Vertex Trading Platform offers a generic mobile platform like MetaTrader and also offers a branded mobile application, which can be uploaded to the Google Play Store & Apple iOS App Store independently under brokers account where only a particular broker’s clients can login. This gives an additional branding opportunity.

Versatile Packages :

Vertex Trading Platform comes with versatile packages based on the business size and the budget. It offers an entry-level White Label & Admin License for a startup broker and it goes up to an unlimited license for an established broker.

Whereas, MetaTrader offers very limited packages to choose from, which may not suit medium-level brokers.

So, if you are planning to swap or to opt for a new trading platform for your brokerage, you can definitely give Vertex a try. Connect with us to find out more at



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