Byondpay Website

Case Study

Project brief

About Client’s Business: Byondpay is a secure and reliable payment gateway that offers unparalleled speed and convenience, for businesses in this digital age. With Byondpay, clients can easily track all payments, as well as automatically book them on individual accounts in the back office. Moreover, conversions are done automatically with rates adjusted according to broker needs - making it even more convenient for customers!



The Challanges

  • Byondpay encountered several challenges with online presence.The challenges involved designing and developing a fully customized website from scratch, including an altered logo to enhance visual appeal, requiring less Javascript to be utilized in coding requirements, avoiding static sites and designs, and specifying a strong brand presence and engaging users from the initial impression.

    Outdated Visual Identity, Call-to-Action Optimization, Misaligned Content, Performance Limitations.


  • The objective of this project was to create a fully customized website for ByondPay that would engage users, effectively communicate the benefits of their payment solution, and drive conversions. The key focus areas included an enhanced visual identity, interactive elements, unique icons, and mobile-friendliness.

    Altered Logo, Fully Customized Website Development, Integration of Forms, Content Alignment, Call-to-Action Evaluation, Mouse Hover/Movement Animation Integration, Minimalistic Design, QA Testing, Deployment.



Through the engagement with Byondpay, PheasanTech leverages their expertise in design, development, and collaboration to deliver a visually appealing, user-centric, and high-performing website. The close partnership between PheasanTech and Byondpay resulted in a successful outcome that aligned with Byondpay's objectives and delighted their target audience.