FCIFX Website Design

Case Study

Project brief with an outstanding

FCI FX represents Four Clover International Commercial Brokers LLC established in 2016. It is a broker regulated by the Government of Dubai. It was formed with an intention to equip traders with quality trading services. FCI FX strives to provide excellent trading conditions in the industry.



The Challanges

  • FCI FX was focussed on redesigning the website as they were not happy with the previous one. One of the reasons why they wanted to renew it was that clarity was missing. Their requirement was something that would attract client attention.
  • As it was only a year to their beginning, they wanted to take it to the upper phase of the graph. For them we offered:
    • Website: Responsive Website design, web forms, Smooth UI, website development, live chart, live quotes, CMS admin panel
    • Branding: Redesigning Logo


  • We assisted them not only in revamping their website but also their logo. A major challenge for us was to make an impact by making a slight change in the company’s logo.
  • The next thing was website development. As the client belongs with Dubai, they requested a relatable allurement. Keeping in mind their strategy, we built a site with relatable features. They wanted a strip based real time quotes from their mt4 and wanted lineaments like economic calendar, various calculators, etc., which would be helpful to their target audience.


A website which is unique in it’s own way

A final selection had been done in terms of designing from the client end as you can see in the screenshot. Fortunately, we didn’t get even a single change during the phase.