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GCC Brokers is a brokerage firm based in Hong Kong, started off in 2016. It was born out of the need for high-quality and a more accessible way of trading. GCC Brokers, known for its experienced and professional team of Forex experts aims to provide top-notch trading technology to traders making their way to success in Forex. It offers trading conditions such as high leverage, tight spreads, low minimum deposit, a wide range of products and much more; all under one roof. On the grounds that quality matters, both GCC and PheasanTech allied to create a sleek, simple and rich website, CRM software followed by branding which would streamline their process further. We accompanied them with the Trader’s Room application as well for the CRM.



The Challanges

  • The client wanted something which is pure quality and would embark their journey in Forex industry with grandeur, equally the industry has. Since they were cropping up in the market, they chose many solutions at once which we categorized finally at sub-tasks.
  • Choosing the right framework
  • Determining the right Live Chart
  • The adapting elements of MT5 which was quite brand-new for us at that time.


  • Website: Responsive Website design, web forms, Smooth UI, website development, live chart, live quotes, CMS admin panel, live chat
  • CRM: Trader’s Room, CRM integration with the website, Web forms
  • Branding: Logo Design, Social Networking Profiles, MT5 Icons
  • Content Writing: Content writing for 3 languages: English, Arabic and Persian, Simple, Precise and Relevant, SEO friendly, Proofreading


The Brand Grow, We Grow

As GCC Brokers were landing in the industry, the first and foremost suggestion from our end was the branding (logo). We designed several options for the logo.
Moreover, they wanted something in the dark which was according to the market conditions, the dark blue & grey logo stood as a perfect fit. We designed the same for MT5 icons and social networking profiles.
When it came to the website, GCC Brokers were very selective & clear of what they want and how. We started off with wire-framing to get the exact know-how trailed with UI & UX development. We used word-press technology along with other frameworks of PHP. The reason behind using it was - they wanted CMS panel from where they can edit the information. The live chat came into existence for the purpose of serving the clients better.
In the end, there were 3 choices for the homepage given from our end and accordingly, the rest of the designs were finalized & approved by the client. Moreover, the content writer team handled the website’s translation section and branding of social media as well which will have definitely a significant impact.

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