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Deploying a chatbot means 24 X 7 X 365 business

Better Sales


  • Powered by automation, the sales processes become much more effective Chatbot manages conversations without any downtime or delays in response A small sales team can manage huge number of people from around the world

Better Support


  • Chatbot promptly responds to all the queries from all the existing customers With swift resolution of the issues, you retain more traders on your platform Your support team need to resolve only those issues that the chatbot can’t

Better Impression


  • Chatbot gives the impression of efficient and tech-savvy to your organization It inspires potential customers to get on board by answering all their queries Chatbot gives you an edge over the competitors by branding you as superior

Benefits of

Forex Chatbot Unleash the power of automation!

Total Security

Total Security

You can allow only the people whose phone number is mapped with the user profile on your platform can access the FxBot.

On-the-go Support

On-the-go Support

All the critical issues faced by the existing traders are resolved promptly by critical actions without any delays, by the chatbot.

Faster sales

Faster sales

Chatbot answers the questions posed by the potential customers and helps them get on board without human intervention.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

It reduces the need of the manpower for executing sales & support tasks; and it also gives more RoI compared to manual processes.

Chatbot Statistics


of total chats involve chatbot responses


businesses report faster issue resolution

79, 943

chats are fielded by chatbots every month

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