Advantages of being an IB or a White Label Broker

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Advantages of being an IB or a White Label Broker

Every Broker faces a challenge when it comes to achieving a great amount of database of new customers. The marketing methods like advertising, sending e-mails, SEO, and other conventional tricks to generate leads can work to reach out to new customers but to increase any broker's revenue there are also other possible ways. In a shorter time span and very less efforts, a broker can achieve higher revenues with the options like  Introducing Brokers (IB) and White Label brokerage program.

IB and White Label both are beginner-friendly as well as easier methods. Let's go into depth and understand advantages of these two so that you can choose whichever is best suitable for you as a broker.

Advantages of IB:

1) Simple and hassle-free procedure to become an IB where you just need a id proof and need to fill out a few simple forms.

2) This is a remunerative way of achieving a handsome amount of client database including investment managers to industry who's who and it will keep building your contact base. IB will allow you to earn benefits in long terms.

3) As IB method does not require any PSP or any other advanced technologies, the operational cost will be very less as compared to other regular brokerage.

Advantages of White Label Brokerage:

1) A Trader can see himself as a separate brand of his choice when he has a White Label Brokerage set up. Even though you borrow the software and services from someone else, it gives you chance to establish your identity as a distinct broker.

2) Based on your affordability and your choice, you can select the functionality structure from a wide range of simple and limited functions to an extent of a wholly-owned brand.

3) White Label Brokerage option expands your scope to generate more revenue as it is not based on per referral volume. The profit is divided on overall trading volume by a particular client.

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