The Best Forex Trading Platform for Online Trading in 2022

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The Best Forex Trading Platform for Online Trading

Forex Trading platforms empower people with ease of trading. As every trader is unique as far as trading style is concerned, we need a range of trading platforms to choose from. Be it manual or automated trading, be it on any device, our aim is to have a trading platform with a seamless and satisfying trading experience for traders. With all the choices available in the market, here we are going to have a look at some of the best Forex Trading platforms in 2022. Based on this you will be able to decide which will be a good trading platform for your trading style.

Metaquotes Platforms:

One of the best and cheapest online trading platforms would be by Metaquotes. These are the most common among all the trading platforms available. Developed nearly 10 years ago, Metaquotes offers two primary options MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

MetaTrader 4

A reliable trading platform that comes with a lot of user friendly features like:

  • Trade with a single click (1 click trading)
  • Get advice from a lot of available expert advisors
  • Indicators that are more than 50
  • Pending orders
  • Limit orders
  • Multi charting
  • Nine different time-frames

MT4 comes with a stability, which is one of the reasons some traders take it as one of the best selling platforms. Also it is equipped with a powerful set of mobile apps which are available on any type of operating system be it Android, iOS and Windows. These add more power to this trading platform. With its copious trading feature, you can make your trading journey easy. As it is very easy to learn and use, it is one of the best platforms for beginners and professional traders.

MetaTrader 5

This one is quite similar to MT4 and is also one of the best trading platforms in the current market. MetaTrader 5 is comparatively faster, has a larger number of indicators and some additional features. Also supports more types of orders. There are not any huge differences between MT4 and MT5 but in MT5 both traders and brokers can handle a larger amount of trading instruments compared to MetaTrader 4.

There are certain unique features we can find in MT5 which are not available in other trading platforms. For example,

  • A trader can view 21 timeframes which include 11 types of minute charts (M1, M2, M3 etc.), 7 types of hourly charts (H1, H2, H3 etc.) along with daily, weekly and monthly charts.
  • buy-stop, sell-stop, buy-limit, sell-limit, buy-stop-limit and sell-stop-limit like this 6 types of pending orders are available.
  • Ability to switch between hedging mode and netting mode
  • The DOM (Death of Market) function allows traders to view bids and offers at different prices.

Vertex FX

Though this platform visually resembles the MetaTrader platform, in reality it is a completely different solution for FX, CFD, futures, and commodities trading. It has its own auto-trading scripting language called VTL. Currently, it is more popular with brokers in the Middle East and Asia than with the global online brokerages but soon to be top on the list.

Let us see the unique features of Vertex FX:

  • Advanced scripting language web Trader Index
  • One-click trading screen
  • Readymade net-trade panel
  • Vertex Binary Trading Options
  • Readymade SMS Service
  • Close by Hedge/Close All by Hedge
  • Partial Order Management
  • Vertex Physical Trading
  • VStore Marketplace

It is an online trading solution rather than simply a trading platform. It enables you to perform every strategy and fulfills all your requirements. Vertex FX is indeed a key solution for traders with any business model like Margin Trading, Binary Options, or Physical delivery. It provides an all-in-one solution to the trader, making this white label cost-effective. When you collaborate with Vertex FX, you get hundreds of third-party plugins developed by independent technology firms. As this is an open-source solution, you get the benefit of almost every type of integration which makes it an affordable  forex white label solution.

So, as we saw there are a lot of things to consider when we have to choose the best Forex Trading Platform for advanced or beginner traders. But by far the above three tend to receive the most positive reviews and often top the list everywhere. These are tested and proven solutions for the online traders.

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