From Concept to Reality: PheasanTech's Role in Bringing Your Forex Brokerage to Life

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Bringing Your Forex Brokerage to Life

Starting up and establishing a Forex Brokerage demands quite more than mere ambition in this competitive and fast world of Forex Trading. It would require strong technological solutions and unfaltering customer support. The brokerage journey for a beginner entrepreneurs or established brokers demand a robust technology partner in order to achieve their dreams in reality. Here comes PheasanTech — a broker’s lifetime partner helping transform their aspirations into live Forex Brokerages.

Supporting Broker’s objective: The Genesis of PheasanTech

We — at PheasanTech — understand the complexities of the Forex market. We dive deep into our clients’ requirements and goals. After effective communication, we understand their basic aspects, and based on the current market dynamics, we come up with a customized solution for that particular client’s brokerage journey. Our experienced and distinct team makes sure that we execute the planned strategies and meet the broker’s expectations.

Let us explore PheasanTech’s distinguished services:


We offer extensive support throughout the brokerage license process, and guide the broker through the intricacies of the regulatory environment. Our experts ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations based on the geographic location of a broker.

With a deep understanding of the regulatory authorities that control the forex industry in various jurisdictions, we provide expert guidance on the license requirements depending on each jurisdiction and help brokers go through the complex process with ease.

Apart fron the licensing assistance, PheasanTech offer a range of other services including company formation, bank account opening and technology support. The services are specifically crafted to support clients in all aspects of launching and operating a Forex Brokerage.

Digital presence: Website and Logo:

Catering specifically to the Forex Broker’s requirements, PheasanTech offers client-specific branding solutions customized to the distinct needs of the Forex industry

The services focus on visual appeal and formal design that can relate with the target audience and build trust, credibility and expertise.

We work closely with the broker to develop unique and momentous logos that deliver the aroma of their brand identity to the end user. Every aspect including typography, color selection, iconography and visual elements would be considered by our team to craft a logo that reflects the mission and vision of the brokerage brand.

Apart from the logo, our experienced designers collaborate with the brokers to design and develop a fully-functional and user-friendly website appropriate for the Forex market. Be it web or mobile devices, our designs respond seamlessly on any platform. Also, as the Forex website demands integration with Trading Platforms, CRM, market feed and a few other essential tools, we create a comprehensive online presence that highlights the services and offerings of a broker and promotes effective client interactions.

Trading Platform:

Based on the requirements of a forex broker, we offer extensive trading platforms to cater each broker specifically. Our services include providing a strong trading platform be it admin or white label. We have collaborated with various providers for a range of trading platforms like Metaquotes, Vertex, ARK and Sirix. Each of the platforms is equipped with advanced features such as real-time market data, customizable analytics and smooth integration with liquidity providers. Our aim is to empower our client with a range of modern technology tools in this dynamic industry.

CRM and Trader’s Room: Web and Mobile versions:

PheasanTech’s flagship product Cloud Forex CRM is among the top choices of the brokers these days. It is an efficient and centralized solution for managing client communications, lead management, account openings and other activities. The broker can access pivotal data of his traders anytime and from anywhere. CRM enables sales teams to communicate with clients, track potential leads and generate reports. By streamlining the operations and enhancing client engagement, CRM and Trader’s Room lead to progress and success of Forex brokerage.

To add more power to the broker, PheasanTech ensures the availability of the CRM and Cabinet at the fingertips of the back office team as well as the client. The mobile applications for Cabinet and CRM ensures tracking of the leads on the go. With user-friendly design and smooth integration with trading platforms and websites, these apps allow brokers to stay in touch with their clients, access real-time data, and respond quickly to any inquiry or query. The apps are boon in this fast-paced Forex market.


The broker would require a system that help him manage risks and making decisions in order to avoid big losses because of his clients trading patterns or other activities. PheasanTech’s RMS (Risk Management System) can come at rescue of the broker. With real-time data monitoring, RMS assists brokers to identify, assess and manage risks efficiently. Also, it makes sure to comply with the regulatory standards and secure client investments. With the help of customized risk parameters, automated alerts and dynamic reports, our team ensures brokers make decisions in time and safeguard their investments in this high-risk market.

Third Party integration:

PheasanTech assist the brokers to integrate liquidity, PAMM and Social Trading to their CRM system seamlessly. We have collaborated with industry’s best liquidity providers and Social trading providers to make broker’s life easier. is your destination if you are an aspiring or an established broker and willing to witness wonders of technology in your Forex Brokerage business. WhatsApp us for more detail.



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