How Forex CRM Dashboard Can Help You To Decide Your Action Plans?

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How Forex CRM Dashboard Can Help You To Decide Your Action Plans?

In Forex brokerage business, it is essential to know how to gather, manage and use data to win more opportunities.

Once you have gathered the data, No matter how complex it is, visualization of your data in a powerful manner can make it comprehensible, insightful, including actionable.

You can use the dashboard to simplify the complexities.

Forex CRM Dashboard is one of the best examples of sophisticated presentation of information in some form or other. So, how should a Forex CRM dashboard look like, and how it should help you to decide your action plans??

Well depending on your priorities, the dashboard should give a quick view of:

Leads by Status:

The broker gets aware of leads that are new, hot, junk leads, and takes actions accordingly. They can always filter it out with created time field and most importantly team-wise.

Leads by Source: 

If the broker gets to know about the exact source of lead, what’s better than that? Which leads have filled the demo form or contact form or live account form; it becomes easier for him to communicate further.


Keeping an Eye on Your Employees Ethically is the best way you can fulfil business needs to exhibit an effective and defensible monitoring program. Filter activities of your employees with the help of History Widget.


On the dashboard, the broker can have a quick view of all open tickets which need to be processed on an urgent basis. This way no ticket remains unsolved.

Ticket By Status:

Not only open tickets but analyse how many tickets are having “Wait for Response” status and how many got “Closed”. And a plus point, just click on it and jump to all those filtered tickets.


If the dashboard shows which client’s KYC’s pending, the broker can prioritize the task of approvals at the earliest.

Live Account – Pending Request:

This widget is so valuable for most of all the brokers because not only do they want email notifications, notified on the notification module but also they want to discern all the pending requests they are getting on day to day basis.


Based on the quick view of the deposits/withdrawals widget, the broker can plan future strategies and bring offers for a particular lot of clients.

Overdue Activities:

Here the broker can see all the due activities of his/her team members and can take actions accordingly.

And this is not it; many functions are yet which we can’t publish here. For the same, schedule your demo now with PheasanTech/Cloud Forex CRM.

So, if you use the Dashboard of your Forex CRM wisely you can plan your actions better and boost sales. 

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