Important Elements of a Complete Forex Trader’s Room or Client Cabinet

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In Forex Software, the clients communicate with the broker or each other through the Client Cabinet or Trader’s Room. Once you have an idea about what a Client Cabinet is, you need to know what you should look for to have an ideal Client Cabinet. While designing a client cabinet for your brokerage, you should think about making the space interesting and engaging for your clients so that they can enjoy their time spent.

Here are the important elements you should consider while selecting or designing a Client Cabinet:

Smooth and hassle-free onboarding process:

Once the client has liked the demo and decided to go with you as their broker, the onboarding process gets started where a few small mistakes can lose the client’s confidence to join you. With a smooth and error-free process, you can avoid such situations. The onboarding & KYC process should be finished faster so that your clients can start making trades.

User-friendly Interface:

The clients will be spending most of their time at the Client Cabinet so the software or platform you provide them should be simple and easy to use. Aesthetics also play a vital role in maintaining the interest of the client. The look and feel of the platform should be appealing so that the client remains interested to trade through your brokerage.

Seamless integration of CRM, Trading Platform, and PSPs:

Integration of the client cabinet with your  Forex CRM and Trading Platform is the basic requirement here. In order to track trading activities and client data easily, the CRM and Trading Platform be it MT4, MT5, Vertex, or any other, integrated seamlessly with the cabinet.

Also to make the fund management simple, you need to integrate Payment Service Providers (PSPs) for your forex brokerage with your Client Cabinet. As the clients have different preferences for making payments, as a broker you should try to integrate most of the major payment service providers with your system.

Comprehensive Dashboard:

Clients' Trading Activities and Trading history along with any pending activity, notifications, tickets, etc. should be covered on the dashboard in the form of a snapshot. This way the client or broker can easily view the trivial details and the efforts are reduced.

Platform independent:

The broker should accommodate as many trading platforms as possible to provide options to the clients. With multiple platforms' availability, your chances of adaptation of your brokerage increase. A platform-independent Trader’s Room shows that the broker is ready to offer the trading experience that a trader wants without investing in additional software.


When you are able to provide the services to the client in their native language, you tend to earn more trust and satisfaction from the client. Providing many languages may not be possible but considering brokerage as a global business, the broker must offer most of the major languages to ensure a maximum number of clients.

Easy Transactions:

Deposits and withdrawals should not be complex processes and the client should be able to finish the transaction in a single click.

Support through tickets:

When you are providing a service, no doubt you have to provide support. There has to be a separate support module from where the client can raise tickets to get solutions to his issues. The tickets should directly flow into the CRM and the support team should resolve them as soon as possible.

So if you find a service provider who provides all the above features, you can surely go ahead with them. For further information, you can contact us at



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