Secret Revealed: What is the future of forex CRM?

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Secret Revealed: What is the future of forex CRM?

Looking at the pace with which the forex trading industry is growing, one thing is sure, this trend of forex trading is in for a very long innings. As the world is opening up for trade and economies are growing constantly beyond borders, forex is set to play a big role in facilitating globalization. Forex market is believed to be the market with the largest volume of world business, to the tune of $4 Trillion/ Day. So, forex trading is also going to grow exponentially in the next one year.

Take a look at some forex trading trends…

  • - USD/EUR pair is the most popular currency pair. It is more stable than other pairs and you get a lot of information regarding them to predict the trends.
  • - USD/GBP is increasingly becoming popular these days, because of the profitable jumps. It offers great returns but it also possesses greater risks.
  • - USD/JPY pair is exciting, smooth and really profitable. It has lesser risks and hence it is one of the favourites of the forex traders who prefer low spreads.

Take a look at some forex trading trends…

Because, these trends are the indicator of the future of forex trading, and the future of forex trading will decide what will be the future of forex CRM! When there is a constant surge in the demand for forex trading platforms, the brokers will need to be prepared to deal with this demand. And the best way to manage this level of demand is through CRM. In fact, CRM is the only way a forex broker will be able to answer the inquiries from traders and get them on board and manage relationship with them.

How will the forex CRM be in next one year?

1. Upgraded to handle even more leads at once

As we discussed earlier, the forex trading industry is in a rapid growth mode. So, there will be greater potential for the brokers to grow, only if they can manage the customer relationships effectively. The CRMs of the future will enable the brokers to utilize their teams’ capabilities to the maximum, using the new-age CRMs.

2. Faster to track the transactions of the traders

As the volume of forex trading increases faster in the future, the brokers will need to be even faster to maintain the relevant records and provide them insights about their activities and transactions. It will be important to stay relevant in the growing competition and provide a great trading experience along with creating a good relationship with them.

3. Capable to offer multi-level IB management

Introducing Brokers or IBs will play a greater role in the overall business of a forex trading platform as the forex trading industry grows further. A CRM of the future will accommodate IBs at multiple levels in the hierarchy and manage the process of affiliate commission. You can contact Pheasantech if you need a forex CRM like this.

4. Compatible for next-level MT4/ MT5 Integration

As the 2019 progresses, world’s leading trading platforms MT4 & MT5 are also expected to take us to the next level of trading in the future. A CRM would need to be able to adapt to the upgrades in MT4/ MT5 and offer the traders its benefits such as additional features, timeframes, services and advantages.

5. Swifter to troubleshoot the issues of traders

As the overall industry grows, you can understand there will be issues in trading, managing activities on trading platform and payment gateways. Today’s CRM can offer a reliable support system to the traders too; but the CRM of the future will be scalable as per the demands of the market. It will offer everything a trader needs, under one roof.

Pheasantech is one of the most experienced offshore forex CRM developer partners, who can offer you the latest forex CRM for your forex trading business. Not just that, Pheasantech can also help you with formation of your own forex trading firm and its licensing, designing and development of website and SEO & SMO promotions in Singapore.



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