Top Website Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

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Top Website Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Website Designing is prone to changes in technology due to the advancements occurring in the digital field at a quick pace. The Web designers have brought in innovative concepts, the sites which are highly interactive and user-friendly, suitable for the corporate structure and even adaptable to the changes in technology.

In the year 2017, a lot of changes have been visible. The major one being the usage of Mobile over Web Browsing. In the year 2018, there will be an advancement of the mobile usage thereby fully utilizing the mobile functionality.

Let’s have a look at the Website Design Trends that are to overtake the current technologies in the year 2018.

1. Color Palette

In this year there will be more use of colors. Previously the colors used to be dull and the UI seemed very simple and subtle. The designers never experimented with colors, always playing safe with the same. But there is a shift in the scenario where colors that are loud and vibrant are being used.

The bright colors can grab the attention of the visitors and is helpful in creating a brand thereby making the website stand out from the competitors’ website.

2. Substantially Considering Typography

The basis of typography is to convey the message by creating a very sensible and impacting visual tool, thereby involving the emotions of the viewers. With the improvisation of the device resolutions which are becoming sharper and simple to read, there will be an escalation in the use of custom fonts.

The blend of a variety of fonts, large with contrasting ones creates amazing UI, which helps in holding the visitors to the website for a longer duration.

3. Powerful Gradients

The Gradients were kept much simple and subtle till 2017, but now the things are changing. There is more usage of dark colors. Previously the gradients were seen to be in 3D in the iPhone’s icons but that was a restricted one. But in the year 2018, there are gradients that are loud in color, big and highly attractive. A simple gradient background can make the image far better is something that is being accepted and adapted.

There are major chances of Gradient becoming more dominating in the year 2018.

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4. Increasing Use Of Shadows

The usage of shadows was there previously and will also prevail in the year 2018. But now, with a higher impact. With the progress of web browsers, some attractive variations are happening. The web designers are now playing with the shadows more than before and creating an illusion of a world that is far ahead of the screen due to the grid and parallax layouts.

5. Mobile Devices Are A Priority

Mobile devices are far more accessible than the web browsers which makes it a priority that needs to be considered by all Web Designers. The mobile applications are there for almost all the industries i.e. food, shopping, payments, etc. It is necessary for the designers to create the Mobile Application with utmost care as more than the website the apps will be used.

The design should be bold enough providing easy access to the menu and all the features with an attractive User Interface.

6. Layout Should Consist of Grid

One major change that was visible in the year 2017 was the use of broken layouts and it will still be continuing in the year 2018. The best part of this layout is that it is highly distinctive and quite a lot of times experimental. The expectation is that there will be an increase in the use of less used layouts which can help create brands.

Conventional companies may not prefer to opt for this but the new entrants can gain competitive advantage with the help of this trend.

Final Thoughts

The mention of all the above Trends shows the importance of how a Website Designer has to play very safe while creating a Website.

Just the way any general website considers these points and trends, the Forex Website Design too should be made keeping into consideration all the Trends. All the Forex Brokers invest a huge sum of money in their Forex Web Development which makes it necessary for the designers to provide them with the best.

Any Forex Website also has a payment gateway which involves money of the investors. Thus, it is of utmost importance to create the website using the latest technologies and Trends and not the outdated ones.

When any Forex Broker opts for website designing, they should choose the designer that keeps all the above Trends into consideration and provides the best Website.



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