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Here we would like to introduce the  Vertex FX Trader, one of the most friendly, trustworthy, and safe online Platforms for trading. It is apt for any STP and OTC business models.

A Closed-loop trading structure of Vertex FX includes a Back office dealing desk, Client Terminal, Dedicated Hosting, White Label and Bridging capabilities.

Vertex FX offers fast development and customization and, at the same time, provides professionalism and support for trading systems a Forex Broker needs. Such a client-centric approach creates a solid ground for real partnerships with the brokers to grow the business and prosper.

Let us see the unique features of Vertex FX:

  • Advanced scripting language web Trader Index
  • One-click trading screen
  • Readymade net-trade panel
  • Vertex Binary Trading Options
  • Readymade SMS Service
  • Close by Hedge/Close All by Hedge
  • Partial Order Management
  • Vertex Physical Trading
  • VStore Market Place

Benefits of Vertex FX:

  • One of the best online Trading Platform

It is an online trading solution rather than simply a trading platform. It enables you to perform every strategy and fulfils all your requirements.

  • A complete package to meet all your needs

Vertex FX is indeed a key solution for traders with any business model like Margin Trading, Binary Options, or Physical delivery. It provides an all-in-one solution to the trader, making this white label cost-effective.

  • No need to pay extra for Plugins - They are part of the Deal

When you collaborate with Vertex FX, you get hundreds of third-party plugins developed by independent technology firms. As this is an open-source solution, you get the benefit of almost every type of integration which makes it an affordable white label solution.

For more detail on Vertex FX and how can PheasanTech assist you in adopting this white-label, contact us at



Author: Calvin Morris

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