What you need to know about Vertex Trading Platform?

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Vertex Trading Platform

Are you looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and secure online trading platform? Finding one that meets all of your needs without the need for a third party or additional configuration is difficult because it adds cost to your organization.

There are some unique characteristics of the  Vertex Trading platform that make it one of the most significant and trustworthy platforms in the market. We believe that you should know these characteristics of Vertex and decide how it would be useful for your brokerage.

  1. Vertex eliminates the need for third-party involvement or additional costs due to its server-side capabilities, which allow traders to run automated trading strategies and store them on the same trading server.

  2. You can close all or selected market positions with just one click, instead of closing one at a time. Here you get an opportunity to close the position at your desired price at a suitable time.

  3. You can also partially manage your positions here. They can be closed at the market price or with Take Profit or Stop Loss orders. You do not need to close out the whole amount here.

  4. This platform allows your traders to hedge all their positions or partially hedge selected positions with just one click.

  5. If you are interested in physical trading, you get special tools that give you the opportunity to trade precious metals through your main account with licensed providers.

  6. Without involving any third party or incurring any extra cost, you get to trade binary options through your main account with Vertex Trading Platform.

  7. The Net Trade Tab feature provides the traders with information on all opened positions and combines each currency and the rate of opening prices. Also, it gives you the ability to close the selected group with a single click.

  8. Technical analysts and traders can perform their studies with the help of a powerful charting system. An advanced set of indicators is included with the terminal, which allows you to directly trade from the chart or place entry or exit orders instantly.

  9. With a more organised Vertex Market Watch, you get to see each type of symbol grouped like a tree. You can right-click to show and hide symbols and find important details about the instruments.

  10. The backtester feature is useful for traders and technical analysts for simulating trading strategies for an appropriate period of time. Afterwards, they can analyse the results for some levels of profitability and risk before traders perform them on real accounts.

  11. Another attractive feature called e-broker is apt for money managers who want to trade for multiple accounts at the same time and price (MAM or PAM). Simply make a list of your accounts and login to them all with a single click.There are three ways to distribute amounts, and then it's just a click away to trade from all the accounts.

  12. Vertex Social Trading gives traders the chance to follow professional traders' strategies. Also, it gives professional traders the opportunity to provide their trades to their followers.

  13. You can connect your trading account to a mobile application called Vertex Mobile Trader and get the latest prices and currency quotes on the go. You can perform technical analysis on financial markets using advanced charts. Also, you can perform trades anytime, keep track of your trading account activities, and pick up your billion positions with ease.

  14. Not only that, but this platform is compatible with all types of devices, including desktop platforms, web browsers, and smartphones. You get opportunity to send text messages when any pending order hits.

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