Have You Explored Mauritius Forex License Option yet?

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Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. Apart from its beautiful beaches, lagoons, and reefs, it is also popular among the Forex Brokers to obtain a Forex License.

Mauritius offers amazing business experience with :

  • Affordable capital requirements
  • Fine banking services
  • Payment service provider support
  • Easy application process

With the minimum paid-up capital requirement MUR 700,000, Mauritius is the best destination for a Forex Broker to get a Mauritius Forex License!

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There are just a few steps to obtain Mauritius License:

  • Register a Company with 2 Directors and a secretary who are Mauritius residents and with a local registered office.
  • Apply to the Financial Services Commission for obtaining an Investment Dealer License
  • Submit documents like Articles of association, Memorandum of company, evidence of the company's professional competence, and business plans.
  • Once it is approved by the Regulator, you get your company registered in Mauritius and you are eligible to obtain a Forex License.

The above process takes a minimum of 2-3 months and it depends upon the license type you are opting for.

Apart from documentation, one should also be aware of these important guidelines:

  • The director of your firm should have a thorough knowledge of the current financial market and must be highly educated and have a professional image.
  • All the traders of your company must have quality certificates.
  • You should be aware that one person can hold multiple positions at a time.
  • You require delivering reports every year and must get them audited.
  • Just remember that Nominee service is not available.

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