What Makes MT5 The Most Favoured Choice for FX Trading by Forex Brokers?

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What Makes MT5 The Most Favoured Choice for FX Trading by Forex Brokers?

Millions of Forex Brokers world-wide use MT5 Trading platform as it is the best solution if you are looking for an organized brokerage business in this critical financial market.

MT5 becomes the most favoured choice for Trading by Forex Brokers all over the world because it provides comprehensive brokerage service where you do not need any other additional software. The MT5 trading platform supports White Label License, offers super back-end functionality, gateways for connectivity with exchanges, liquidity providers and different APIs for your website integration, trading and post-trading systems.

So, what makes MT5 the best or most favoured choice for any Forex Broker? Let's see the features one by one.

  • A Multi-Asset Trading Platform:
  • It supports operations with different assets like forex and futures. You as a trader, be equipped with powerful and easy to use trading technology. You can execute any trading strategy on any financial market. With available features of MT5, you can use Trading Robots, copy deals of other traders, trade from either mobile device or any other web browser.

  • White Label Programs:
  • MT5 allow you to expand business by using affiliate programs and other financial organizations. You can launch whole range of operational and trading execution services to your IBs using the White Label Program and keep the full-fledged commission system on for them.

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  • Super Back - End:
  • With MT5 White Label, execute multiple business models by assigning role based managers. For example, accountants, administrators, dealers, risk managers etc. At the same time, you can effectively control the trade conditions with the parameters like margin requirements, contract terms, credit limit, swaps, trade sessions, spreads, mark-ups, commissions and many more.

  • MT5 APIs:
  • Use MT5 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and expand all the platform capabilities. Also use APIs to customize MT5 components, use their functionality to the fullest and integrate the entire platform with your trading and post-trading systems.

  • Gateways:
  • MT5 comes with a complete solution to integrate with liquidity providers and gives connectivity to global financial exchanges. All the gateways ensure extraordinary control and flexibility to your business.

  • Performance and Security:
  • MT5 is one of the fastest, efficient and cost-effective platforms in the whole world. It's distributed architecture removes architectural limits and allows software to perform by deploying more servers within the platform. At the same time, it gives you powerful security system. It provides encrypted system database with the back-up and recovery options.

  • Flexible License policy:
  • You get flexibility to choose the type that is most suitable to your business model, current volumes and future development plans. You get to choose from three licence types - Entry, Standard and Enterprise. You can go with any of these initially and then upgrade later on.

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